Wine to be packed in cartons in UK for first time

news  %tages Wine to be packed in cartons in UK for first time
Wine in cartons can become a 'successful niche' in the UK, industry experts believe, as the first Tetra Pak wines packaged in the country hit shop shelves.

Wine importer Raisin Social has teamed up with UK-based Greencroft Bottling and Tetra Pak to launch wines from two South African producers in Tetra Pak.There are two Fairtrade wines from Du Toitskloof, a Cabernet Sauvignon-Merlot red and a Chenin Blanc-Sauvignon Blanc, which will be exclusively in Waitrose.Also, in an initial production run of 100,000 Tetra Pak cartons, will be a Shiraz-Cabernet Sauvignon, and a Chenin Blanc-Sauvignon Blanc from Namaqua wines, which will go into retailers including Costcutter, Budgens, Nisa and Londis.Globally, around 10% of subdue wines are packaged in cartons, which supporters say are lighter, simpler to recycle and more well-located than glass bottles.But, in the UK, a recent survey by Wine Intelligence found that bottles wait 'by far the most well loved choice'. There have been many attempts at selling wine in cartons in the UK, such as Boisset's French Rabbit; most have disastrous to go mainstream.Subdue, some believe that Tetra Pak may yet succeed where the likes of PET bottles and pouches have struggled. 'Of all the packaging that has come along recently, Tetra has more potentially useful attributes to it,' the COO of Wine Intelligence, Richard Halstead, told Pak cartons are made from low-carbon raw materials, primarily containing paperboard made from wood.The majority of Tetra Pak in the UK is from responsibly managed forests, Raisin Social said in a press release.There are significant environmental advantages to Tetra Pak and similar paperboard cartons: while glass makes up around 40% of the consequence of a bottle of wine, a carton can be as small as 4%. Its square shape allows it to be packed more tightly than a bottle, meaning suitcases can be smaller and lighter and require less warehouse space.'Tetra has the potential to become a successful niche. Whether consumers accept it is now in the lap of the gods,' Halstead said.Raisin Social managing director Simon Halliday said that Tetra Pak wine offers better value-for-money. 'We believe there's going to be progression in the Tetra category,' he said.The Du Toitskloof wines will go into Waitrose at £4.99 per 75cl carton, following consumer research at the retailer.Previous to opening, wines in Tetra Pak have a shelf life of 18 months.

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