Wine and Food Pairing

Here are a few guidelines to help plan the best wine for your meal.


culture of wine consuming wine  %tages Wine and Food PairingSweetness in food cancels the fruit and/or any residual sugar in wines, making them taste drier than they are. Sweet dishes call for wines of at least equal sweetness.
Choice: Antigua Creme Brulee and Antigua Dessert Wine


Salty or briny foods also cancel the fruit in wines. Salty dishes call for aromatic wines with high acidity, some sweetness, low tannins, and/or intense fruitiness.
Choice: Fresh Oysters in Champagne and Sauvignon Blanc or sparkling wine


Tart foods cancel some of a wines fruitiness. Serve them with lightly sweet, very fruity, and/or full bodied white wines. In some cases, tart or crisp wines will also work well.
Choice: Endive Salad with Citrus Vinaigrette and a crisp Chardonnay


Spicy or hot foods cancel some of a wines fruitiness too. Serve them with lightly sweet, very fruity, low tannin, and/or crisp wines. Stay away from higher alcohol, tannic red, and/or oaky wines.
Choice: Sea Scallops with Jerk Marinade and Sauvignon Blanc or Gewrztraminer


Rich dishes overpower delicately flavored, lighter bodied wines. Serve with full flavored, full bodied, higher acid wines.
Choice: Braised Lamb Shanks and Cabernet Sauvignon

Fish and Game
culture of wine consuming wine  %tages Wine and Food Pairing
Fish and game overpower mildly flavored, medium bodied, dry wines. Try these with very fruity, full bodied, high acid, and/or medium sweet wines.
Choice: Roasted Salmon with Pernod & Baby Spinach with Pinot Noir


Smoked foods overpower all but the fruitiest, richest wines. Low tannin, extremely rich, and/or moderately sweet wines are best here.
Choice: Applewood-Smoked Bacon Wrapped Buffalo Tenderloin and Merlot

culture of wine consuming wine  %tages Wine and Food Pairing
Cheese and wine make a classic pairing. Match the 'weight' of the cheese to the wine, or vice versa. For a special after dinner treat, try contrasting a rich, salty cheese with a dessert wine.
Choice: Bleu Cheese and Antigua Dessert Wine or Port

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7 thoughts on “Wine and Food Pairing

  1. My husband has been out of town for quite a while so I want to make our first time together again really special. I have bought some sparkling wine and i’m going to make some strawberries dipped in chocolate and get some grapes to go along with it. I need some more suggestions for what other appetizers/finger foods that would go good with the wine. Thanks!

    • You can try to pair with Brie Cheese, Rare Roast Beef Mini Sandwiches, Roasted Tomato Bruschetta, Fried Spring Rolls. I think your husband will be glad to taste it.

  2. Honestly, the acidity and sourness, especially of Red Wine, overpowers the food I eat. I think it’s just a trend that everyone blindly follows. Water or a crisp lager beer goes much better with a nice steak / rack of lamb or any food.

  3. We are hosting a wine tasting evening and my wife is serving the prosciutto wrapped asparagus as well as a dessert of peppermint cupcakes. I was in need of a wine pairing for both dishes. Thank you for the full description here.

  4. I am making my wife a nice dinner tonight for his birthday. We have a new baby so we are on a budget. I would like to spend about $10 a bottle (give or take a few dollars). I don’t know anything about wine, but your article helped me. Thanks!

  5. I am going to be getting wine for a special occasion coming up, what is the average price and do you have a suggestion of a good red wine?

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