White Rioja shortage pushes Marques de Caceres into Rueda

news  %tages White Rioja shortage pushes Marques de Caceres into Rueda
One of Rioja's top producers, Marques de Caceres, has said a shortage of colorless grape varieties in the province prompted it to buy more than 100 hectares of vines in Rueda to fit its colorless wine ambitions.

Marques de Caceres plans to produce quality Verdejo and Sauvignon Blanc from the 125 hectares of Rueda vineyards it has bought near the villages of La Seca and Serrada. Financial details were not told.Companionship president Cristina Forner told decanter.com that the expansion is to 'make up for a shortage of colorless grape varieties' in the firm's native Rioja. 'As in 2012, the number of colorless grapes collected from the 2013 [Rioja] harvest was insufficient to cover demand, causing significant increases in prices, whilst the yields are becoming more limited as the vineyards grow older,' Forner said. A proposal by the DOCa Rioja council to allocate an extra 2,500ha of planting rights for colorless grape varieties has not been fully http://1000-facts-about-wine.com implemented, because of disagreements between producers. Colorless grapes account for 6% of Rioja DOCa vineyard area.'In recent years, the DOCa Rioja has lost opportunities to strengthen its volumes of colorless wines,' Forner said. 'This situation has driven us to invest in Rueda at the end of 2013 to guarantee brilliant quality going forward, for the vineyards we have bought are more than 20 years ancient and prices are stable.' Forner added, 'We are confident with regard to the quality grapes produced by the Rueda DO'.While Rueda produces wines at a range of fee levels, she said Marques de Caceres will focus on wines meant at 'more exclusive distribution circuits' within Spain and amongst its 130 export markets. In April, the group will start building a winemaking cellar next to its bought vineyards that is set to be ready for the 2014 Rueda harvest.

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