Yellow Tail Bubbles Sparkling Wine

Yellow Tail Bubbles Sparkling WineYellow Tail, or [yellow tail] as they write it, is one of those brands that many people view as the epitome of cheap wine.  In fact, when I tell people about this website I’m often questioned if I drink a bunch of Yellow Tail.  In fact, I don’t.  This is the first time we’ve reviewed a Yellow Tail wine.  It’s not out of malevolence for the brand or anything like that, there’s just sooooo many different wines out there to choose from that we haven’t gotten around to a [yellow tail]… until now.
I have to declare, that Australia isn’t on the top of my list when I’m shopping for sparklers.  With so much excellent Italian Prosecco, Spanish Cava, Alsatian Cremant and Californian bubbly out there, I’m just not that liable to make it to the Australian section.  But why not?  They make some fantastic wine in Australia!  They can probably make some fantastic bubbly too. Read more