Wine Sizes

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One ton of grapes become about 60 cases of wine. But it depends greatly on how much juice is produced.
One acre will produce two to five tons for good wine and double that for bulk wines.

Wine tank sizes:

A bottle today is 750 millimeters (which is 25.4 ounces) and restaurants typically pour 5 to 6 glasses from a bottle.
A barrel holds 225 to 225 liters (59.4 to 60.2 gallons).
A hogshead holds 300 liters (79.3 gallons).
A puncheon holds 300 or 500 liters.
A pipe holds 550 to 630 liters and is used for maturing or shipping


is the science of vine identification and description. It is the study of shoots, canes, buds, flowers, clusters, seeds and grapes.

There are some 24,000 names for varieties of wine grapes. It is estimated there are 5,000 truly different varieties since there are numerous names for the same variety depending on where they are grown. About 150 varieties are planted in commercially significant amounts.

Grapevines belong to the plant genus "vitis" and 99.9% of wine grapes are "vitis vinefera." The concord grape of America is "vitis labrusca."

Wine Glass Notes:

Consider using one nice style for both reds and whites as long as it has an ample bowl and narrows to the rim to present the aroma to your nose.
Fill a glass no more than Continue reading

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