FOUR Cabernet Sauvignon with Eco-friendly Packaging

FOUR Cabernet Sauvignon with Eco-friendly PackagingToday is Earth Day and there are in fact a number of different environment-related topics that I could write about relevant to wine. Sustainable agriculture, organic wines and bio-dynamic wines are a few topics that come to mind. But I’m going to write about a less sexy topic—packaging. In fact, packaging can be sexy, but it’s something that we often take for granted and don’t reckon about much.
There is dialogue in the wine community about the carbon footprint of glass bottles. The carbon footprint represents the carbon dioxide emissions made by the manufacturing, distribution and disposal of a product. The consequence of glass bottles has a particular impact on the carbon footprint of wine due to the impact that consequence has on shipping. Some have even speculated the eventual demise of the glass bottle. I don’t reckon that glass bottles will expire from shelves any time soon, but there are a number of producers looking for alternatives. The FOUR “wine tube” is the latest example I’ve seen of alternative packaging for wine. Read more

Santa Ema Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

Santa Ema Reserve Cabernet SauvignonWhen I’m not enjoying a bargain wine, in additional words when I splurge, I have a preference for Italian wines, especially those from the Piedmont province.  If you know wines from this province, you know that many of them have exceptional depth, organize, complexity and balance.  Simply place, they’re gorgeous wines.  Most of them don’t come cheap, so I’m not able to delight in them each day.  But given my sympathy for both Piedmont and Chilean wines, it caught my eye when I saw that this Chilean wine has roots from Piedmont.  The founder of Santa Ema, Pedro Pavone Voglino, immigrated from Piedmont to Chile in 1917.  He was the son of an Italian winemaker and planted his first vineyards in Chile in 1931.
While that might not tell you anything about the wine, there is more to enjoying wine than just looking, smelling and tasting.  Enjoying wine is an experience.  There’s a ritual involved, like the whole administer of pulling the cork, pouring, swirling.  And there’s an emotional element.  We develop a keenness for particular types of wine, regions, winemakers, brands, etc.  For me, finding a wine with connections to both Piedmont and Chile sparked a keenness for both regions, and a curiosity.
I have to say, I wasn’t disappointed.  This is a really nice wine. Read more

Wyndham Estate BIN 444 Cabernet Sauvignon

Wyndham Estate BIN 444 Cabernet SauvignonSometimes people question me, “what wine goes with chocolate?”  I usually respond by fumbling my way through some vague answer.  But now I have a better response, “this wine!”  The fruit flavors on this wine are gorgeous and are a perfect match for dark chocolate.
As a part of Wyndham Estate‘s BIN series, this is one of the entry-level selections from the brand.  And it’s quite a bargain at below $10 a bottle.
The fruit for this wine comes from South Australia, a rather broad area rather than a specific appellation.  The wine was partially matured in French and American oak. Read more