Freixenet Elyssia Pinot Noir Brut

Freixenet Elyssia Pinot Noir BrutFreixenet is a pretty huge name in the bubbly wine aisle as they are a pretty dependable brand for tasty-yet-affordable sparkling wines.  They are known for their cava, which in simple terms is Spanish sparkling wine made in the traditional champenoise method… yes, there are more specifics to cava, but let’s keep it simple for now.
While Freixenet is best known for their black bottle sparkling wines, my eye was caught by the elegant bottle design of their Elyssia Pinot Noir Brut.  It’s simple, shiny and stylish with a ribbon connecting the neck to the mark.  The affect of the wine inside this bottle makes this one stand out.  And fortunately, the taste of that wine is also something that stands out.
This sparkler is made of 85% pinot noir and 15% trepat.  Resulting in a tasty sparkling rosé brut. Read more