Pacific Rim Dry Riesling Review

Pacific Rim Dry Riesling ReviewI’ve commented previous to on how riesling gets a terrible rap in the US, particularly domestic riesling.  I’ve also commented that it’s often a misunderstood wine in the US.  Consumers might taste an overly-sweet, poorly made domestic riesling and they slander the varietal as a whole.  This is unfortunate, but I reckon the tide is turning thanks to producers who do be with you riesling and are working hard to make high-quality domestic riesling — and to change the reputation of this wine.
Many of the best domestic rieslings I’ve tasted in the past few years have come from Washington State, and Pacific Rim is one brand that’s on this list.  I only see this trend growing, too.  With more consumers not only learning riesling, but learning Washington State wines as well.
Pacific Rim is one companionship that is really standing out when it comes to riesling.  It’s their specialty.  It’s not all they do, but it’s most of what they do.  Pacific Rim Dry Riesling was first released in 1992 by Bonny Doon Vineyard, but in 2006 a group of former Bonny Doon folks opened Pacific Rim as it’s own winery.
One of the things I really appreciate about Pacific Rim, besides the fact that they make some killer riesling, is that their wine marks not only include the percent of alcohol, but also the residual sugar.  I reckon this is a smart go to help educate consumers about the different styles of riesling.  And while it’s particularly useful with riesling, I wish additional producers would do this with additional varietals too.  It would help consumers make more well-informed decisions when they buy wine.
Pacific Rim offers a excellent variety of riesling too, ranging from bone dry to medium dry to medium sweet to sweet.  In the dry category, they have five different rieslings.  But I’ve only had the opportunity to taste a link.  Both were outstanding.
Pacific Rim Dry Riesling, Columbia Valley 2007This wine has a nice powerful nose, particularly for such an inexpensive dry riesling.  Intense floral aromas, with pear and orange peel notes adding layers of complexity.  The palate has outstanding concentration, outstanding acidity and outstanding flavors, like grapefruit, pear and mineral.  The end is also biased with pear flavors — but it’s subdue dry, not sweet.  Simply place, this is a phenomenal riesling for the fee.
Wine: Pacific Rim Columbia Valley Dry Riesling
Variety: Riesling
Vintage: 2007
Alcohol: 12.5%
Rating:  90
Fee: $11.00 Read more