Tarte a la tomate – Tomato tart recipe

Tarte a la tomate – Tomato tart recipeMost people tend to forget that the tastiest tomatoes you can find are as summer turns to autumn. It means they have had the chance to gorge up all the sun, which makes them deliciously sweet. Michel Roux Jr's tomato tart recipeTomatoes are so well loved and versatile that everybody seems to like them.
Tomatoes are well loved ingredients in salads, sauces and even in soups, but what about building them stand out in a summery tomato tart? A fresh and lighter alternative to pizza, with an abundance of flavour that you can share with friends and family around a glass of wine.
Michel Roux Jr tomato tart recipe
250g puff pastry
350g cherry tomatoes
6 small shallots
100grcrème fraîche
2 tbsp of mustard
3 tbsp of olive oil
5 herb leaves
15g pine nuts
30g Parmesan
Salt and pepper Read more