Quinta Cruz Pierce Ranch Tempranillo

Quinta Cruz Pierce Ranch TempranilloWhile I like a bargain on wines, I get bored with factory-made wines that while not offensive just have no excitement to them.  So many wines on the market today are manipulated in an attempt to “standardize” the flavor.  And it’s not just the cheap ones.  A lot of this is done in order to make while appealing to drink right off the shelf.  But I appreciate it when I come across producers who make wines the ancient way.  Wines that should sit in the cellar for a few years previous to you drink them.  Sure, it’s a small more work as a wine consumer.  But the wine tends to have a small more character, at least that’s been my experience.
Santa Cruz Mountain Vineyard is one such producer.  They’ve been making European-style, cellar-worthy wines since the 1970′s.  In 2008 they launched a new brand called Quinta Cruz, which includes only varietals that are native to the Iberian peninsula.
While their prices tend to be toward the high-end of our bargain-hunter fee limits (and some over), sometimes a splurge is in order for a special wine.
I had an opportunity to check out their tempranillo from Pierce Dairy farm in San Antonio Valley, California.  And while I wanted to tuck this one into the cellar for a few years, I had no complaints. Read more