Bridgman Chardonnay

Bridgman ChardonnayThe first few times I saw this wine I thought it was Bridgeman, with an “e” in the name, but it’s Bridgman without an “e.”  It’s amusing how your mind plays tricks on you like that… and I swear it’s not from drinking too much wine.  The wine is named after William B. Bridgman, a pioneer in Washington state winemaking.  Bridgman was the first to plant wine grapes in the Yakima Valley in the early 1900′s.  This Chardonnay has no direct affiliation with WB Bridgman, but was named in his honor.
The Bridgman mark is produced by Apex Cellars in Washington state, which was founded in 1988 by Harry Alhadeff and Brian Carter.  Alhadeff’s background is in wine retail and distribution, while Carter has spent his life as a winemaker.  When Brian Carter went to Washington in 1980, there were only 16 wineries in the state.  Prior to launching Bridgman, Carter worked at Paul Thomas winery, where he twice was awarded “Winemaker of the Year” by Washington Magazine.
I wanted to include this Bridgman Chardonnay in my current series on Chardonnay, although I do have to confess that it wasn’t part of the blind tasting when I took notes on the additional wines in this series.  I had already completed that tasting previous to I recieved this wine.  I also need to release that I have a business relationship with Barclay’s Wine, who provided the sample and sells this wine.  You can read about that in this previous review for  Randall Harris Merlot. Read more

Bridgman Cabernet Sauvignon

Bridgman Cabernet SauvignonWashington State interests me more and more as a wine province, and I wish I saw more wine from that province on the shelves of my local wine shops.  I expect that over time I’ll see more of it showing up in my mid-western locale.
I’ve earlier reviewed the Bridgman Chardonnay, and I need to note again the potential perceived conflict of interest with this review as I have a business relationship with an online retailer from whom I may get paid if you happen to click the link at the end of this article and buy this wine.  Nonetheless, I always strive to give my unbiased opinion for any review I do… and this is no exception. Read more