Stoneleigh Pinot Noir

Stoneleigh Pinot NoirWhen one thinks of wine from New Zealand, sauvignon blanc is typically the first wine that comes to mind.  I’ll raise my hand and say that I too am guilty of ignoring New Zealand wines, additional than sauvignon blanc.  But there’s no wits for this.  They produce plenty of additional fantastic wines.  But I guess the sauvignon blanc is just so tasty that it overshadows the others.  Well, I have to tell you, if I keep tasting pinot noir like this out of New Zealand the sauvignon blanc will be the one in the shadows.
The Stoneleigh pinot noir comes from vineyards in the northern side of the Wairau valley in the Marlborough wine province of New Zealand.  The area where this wine is produced is roofed with smooth stones, which the producers call “sunstones.”  These stones reflect the sun’s heat onto the grapes, which is said to help ripening.
The wine was matured in French barriques, which add a nice spicy characteristic to the wine. Read more