Dashwood Pinot Noir

Dashwood Pinot NoirI have to declare that while I’ve tasted a lot of pinot noir, I haven’t tasted much from New Zealand.  It’s not that I have anything against the province, I just haven’t come across a lot of NZ pinot noir at tastings I’ve attended.  And it’s unfortunate that I haven’t had much, as New Zealand is known to make some intriguing wines from this grape.
There are numerous variations in climate and soils throughout New Zealand, which result in varying characteristics in the pinot noir produced there.  Some of the most highly acclaimed come from the Martinborough province, where loam over gravel soils produce pinot noir with concentrated plum flavors.
But this Dashwood pinot noir comes from the Marlborough province, known for producing fruit-filled pinot noir with loads of cherry and plum flavors.  The cool conditions in this area are perfect for pinot noir. Read more