Two New World Moscatos Reviewed

Two New World Moscatos ReviewedMuscat, also know as muscatel or moscatel, is a varietal that is produced in many of the major wine growing regions around the world. In Italy the varietal is know as Moscato, and can be produced in either a subdue or sparkling (frizzante) style. Moscato is used predominantly to make sweet dessert wines that can be crafted to compliment dolci (sweets) or served as dessert itself, or as a milder alternative to additional after-dinner liqueurs. In many suitcases the wine is fortified with additional levels of alcohol to enhance the wine’s intensity.
I’m in fact a huge fan of Moscato, both in subdue and frizzante forms, and recently I had the opportunity to taste a link of new world offerings from Jacob’s Creek (Australia) and Motos Liberty (California).
Jacob’s Creek
The Jacob’s Creek is a frizzante, or sparkling style, but compared to additional sparkling wines the Jacob’s creek would be considered mildly ‘spritzed’. The affect of the Jacob’s Creek was very set alight and from a distance, the wine could easily be confused for something additional than wine (like water) once it’s fizz dissipates. Read more