Clos de los Siete Malbec

Clos de los Siete MalbecIf you haven’t seen it yet, my column in the latest issue of Mutineer Magazine is all about malbec.  But it’s not all about 100% malbec, it also includes this malbec blend from Clos de los Siete.
While there are a lot of pure varietal wines that I like, some of the most exciting wines I’ve been tasting recently have been red blends.  This particular one is 57% malbec, 15% merlot, 15% cabernet sauvignon, 10% syrah and 3% petit verdot.
Clos de los Siete was a project started in 1998 by Michel Rolland, who had worked as a consultant in the Argentine wine business for several years.  The thought was to make European-style wines from Argentina.  Rolland partnered with a number of French producers on the project.  The “Siete” in the name means “seven” as in seven partners made this project.
And while the description is fascinating, we like to get straight to the point here.  How’s the wine?  In a word, it’s outstanding. Read more