Tamaya Syrah from Chile’s Limarí Valley

Tamaya Syrah from Chile’s Limarí ValleyThe Limarí Valley is one of the northernmost winemaking regions in Chile, about 75 miles south of the Elqui Valley.  Remember, Chile is in the southern hemisphere which means that north is quicker to the equator and therefore a warmer province than those further south.  And although north generally means warmer in this part of the world, these vineyards reside in a cool maritime stretch of land that offers a excellent balance between the cool ocean air and the dry heat from the interior.
Casa Tamaya is subdue a relatively young winery.  It started as a fruit farm and evolved into wine production.  At first they grew grapes for sale to additional wine makers and eventually chose to make their own winery.  The first vintage from the Casa Tamaya winery was 2002, so this bottle is only the fourth vintage from this producer. Read more