Italy wine harvest 2015 looking good, say producers

Italy wine harvest 2015 looking good, say producersWinemakers across Italy appear confident about the 2015 wine harvest, despite a summer heatwave that forced some to use emergency irrigation. Some Trentino vineyards needed irrigation against dry heat of 2015Italy wine harvest conditions ‘favourable’
The Unione Italiana Vini, which represents wine producers throughout Italy, reported ‘more or less negligible’ disease thanks to a ‘favourable climate throughout the season’, but reported ‘amongst highest July temperatures’ in the last few years.
An absence of rainfall also burned or dehydrated bunches in some vineyards, ‘requiring emergency irrigation operations.’
At Castello di Fonterutoli in Chianti, where the 2015 wine harvest is expected to end in two weeks, co-owner Marchese Francesco Mazzei said three weeks of heat provoked a halt to the vegetative cycle of his Sangiovese vines, but the sun and relieving rain at the end of August and September improved things.
‘We subdue have a link of weeks to go… but it looks to be like a pretty excellent vintage,’ said Mazzei of the harvest, which started on 7 September. Read more

Twin Fin Chardonnay

Twin Fin ChardonnayI’ve had a few bottles of twin fin wines recently and I’ve been pleased with all of them.  twin fin has really impressed me in several ways.  In addition to making some very excellent, very approachable wines, they know how to do marketing.  They have branded twin fin as a fun everyday wine that captures the spirit of a day on the beach in California.  Whoever they hired to do their branding was well worth the expense.
The design of the bottles is fun and colorful.  The convertible and surf board on the marks embodies the sunny California essence that twin fin represents.  The srew tops are also colorful and an simple open.
I’m not sure when twin fin was founded, but they haven’t been around very long.  I couldn’t find an exact date, but they won accolades as the top new table wine brand in 2005… so, I’m guessing they started in 2005.  The companionship owned by Pacific Wine Partners and is run by a link Australian winemakers – Hugh Reimers and Sam Burton.  Hugh and Sam have fantastic winemaking credentials, but when they started twin fin they wanted it to be different frm additional wineries.  I reckon they’ve done an awesome job.
All twin fin wines have a suggested retail fee of $9.99, but I can usually find them on sale for around $7.00. 
I gave the 2005 twin fin chardonnay a shot as a part of my Chardonnay Challenge.  (I’ve found myself giving obtuse names to my tasting themes… I’m not sure if it’ll continue as a trend, but it probably will).  And my verdict is: Tasty and tropical, a nice flavor with banana, pinapple and a touch of vanilla.  Very enjoyable.  It’s not the most exciting or fascinating (but then what Chardonnay is?)  It is a dependable, quaffable Chard.  I gave it an 88.  If you’re looking for something simple that your sure to delight in, try twin fin. 

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