Black Box Cabernet Sauvignon

Black Box Cabernet SauvignonA lot of fun has been poked over the years at boxed wines.  And rightfully so.  Most of the wine sold in boxes over the past link decades has been disgusting.  But that’s starting to change.  It’s not the container, it’s the wine… and there are a few producers now putting some tasty juice into boxed wines.
You no longer need to avoid boxed wines, but like any additional wine you’ll subdue find some that are better than others.  In fact, you may want to get used to the thought of boxed wines, as many in the wine industry predict that you’ll see more and more of them over time.  The wits is simple, shipping costs.  Bottles add a lot of extra consequence to wine.  While I didn’t weigh it to find out exactly, this box of Black Box wine felt about as heavy as two bottles of wine to me, yet it has the equivalent number of four standard 750ml bottles of wine.
There are additional benefits to wine in a box, besides shipping consequence.  The wine stays fresh longer after you open it.  When you open a bottle of wine, the exposure to air degrades the quality of the wine and within a link days it’s no excellent.  But with bag-in-a-box wine, air does not enter the container when you open it, allowing it to stay fresh for up to 30 days.
Black Box wines is not very ancient as a brand—they started back in 2003.  They source grapes from regions around the world, including Napa Valley, Sonoma County, Italy and New Zealand.  The grapes in this Cabernet Sauvignon are mostly from California’s Central Coast. Read more