Luna Vineyards Sangiovese for Snow Day

Luna Vineyards Sangiovese for Snow DayThere’s a thing that wine bloggers do called “Wine Blogging Wednesday.”  It’s an event that happens once each month… usually on a Wednesday. The thought is that several wine bloggers all write about the same topic that day.  Then there’s a host, who summarizes the collective thoughts and points you to all the writers for that theme.  I used to participate in it each month, but I haven’t done so for the past six months or so.  It’s excellent to get back in it today.
The host this month is Michelle, the author of My Wine Education.  And her theme is “Snow Day Wine,” which I interpret as meaning we should write about a wine we would want to drink on a day when we’re snowed in at home.
To me, being snowed in is a time when I want some comfort foods, which for me means Italian.  Yep, if it’s cold and hideous outside I crave baked mostaccioli or gnocchi with homemade marinara sauce.  And I want a excellent Chianti or Sangiovese to go with it.  In order to give this another twist, I chose to pick a Californian Sangiovese rather than an Italian.
To be trustworthy, I generally would prefer an Italian Sangiovese over a Californian one due to the acidity and aromatics I expect from the Italian ones.  They go fantastic with food and I just find them fascinating.  Those I’ve had from California tend to be much more fruit-forward and less aromatic.
So, I pour a glass of 2007 Luna Vineyards, Napa Valley Sangiovese and I’m pleasantly surprised.  While it’s certainly a “new world” style of wine and very different from an ancient-world, Italian Sangiovese , it’s subdue really excellent. Read more

Mulled Wine

Mulled wine is a traditional beverage that is offered during the Christmas holidays and Halloween. Mulled wine is prepared from red wine, heated and spiced with vanilla pods, cloves, cinnamon sticks, star aniseed, citrus, and sugar.
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It has popularity in German- and Dutch-speaking countries. Mulled wine there named Glühwein. Blueberry wine and cherry wine can be used instead of grape wine in these countries for preparing Glühwein.

In France, vin chaud ("hot wine") typically consists of cheap red wine mixed with sugar, cinnamon, and lemon. It must be not too sweet.

In Bulgaria, it is called greyano vino (Bulgarian: греяно вино) ("heated wine"), and consists of red wine, peppercorn and honey. Sometimes apples and/or citrus fruits, such as lemon or oranges, can be added.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia and Serbia Continue reading

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