Hooked Riesling

Hooked RieslingDo you know Nahe?  Nahe is a wine province in Germany along the… you guessed it, River Nahe.  If you don’t know this river, it’s a relatively small river that is a branch to the Rhine (a relatively huge river).  The Nahe is east of Luxembourg, if that helps give you a sense of location.  While the description of wine in Nahe doesn’t go back as far as additional regions, like Mosel, it has established itself as a top quality province.  It’s a province most known for its colorless wines and riesling is the most common grape here.
While I know that Hooked riesling is from the Nahe province, they don’t say exactly where within the Nahe it originates.  There are in fact a few different sub-regions within Nahe.  But I reckon it’s honest to say that a bargain wine like this is dodgy to be from a specific, singular appellation. Read more

McWilliam’s Hanwood Estate Merlot

McWilliam’s Hanwood Estate MerlotLast month we reviewed the McWilliam’s Hanwood Estate Shiraz which was a excellent Shiraz—especially for the fee.  And today we’re giving the Merlot from this brand a try.
Like the Shiraz, the grapes for this Merlot come from the New South Wales province in Australia, and more specifically the Riverina province within New South Wales.  Riverina is produces 60% of the wine grapes from New South Wales and the first vines in this province were planted at Hanwood Estate by John James McWilliam in 1913.  So, you could say that McWilliam’s has a few years of experience producing wine from this land.
I mentioned in the Shiraz review that McWilliam’s Wines tout themselves as “Australia’s most awarded winery,” and this particular Merlot has gotten a number of awards.  It has recieved at least 10 silver, gold or double gold medals from various wine competitions—and that is specific to this vintage of the wine. Read more