Jacob’s Creek Coonawarra Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

Jacob’s Creek Coonawarra Reserve Cabernet SauvignonThe Jacob’s Creek wine brand started back in 1976 and was named after a creek in the Barossa Valley, on the banks of which the first commercial vineyard in the province was planted.  The grapes in this wine, but, don’t come from the Barossa Valley.  Rather, they come from the Coonawarra province, which is south of Barossa Valley and is the southernmost wine province in South Australia.  This is a cool province, with a maritime influence, that is known for its cabernet sauvignon.
Coonawarra is also a long ways away from Cincinnati, Ohio (where I’m tasting this wine) and I’m sometimes amazed at the thought that they can ship a bottle of wine from Australia, sell it for about ten bucks and subdue make a profit.  Sometimes the things we take for granted are really pretty incredible when you step back and reckon about them. Read more