Dancing Bull Sauvignon Blanc Charging the Stands

Dancing Bull Sauvignon Blanc Charging the StandsThis daylight I was watching the news and this video came on of a bull in Spain jumping up into the stands and chasing spectators.  When I saw the bull leap into the stands, I immediately thought of the Dancing Bull logo.  So, tonight we review a sauvignon blanc from Dancing Bull.
But first, here’s the video of that bull “dancing” all over some spectators. Read more

Groebe Aulerde Westhofen Riesling

Groebe Aulerde Westhofen RieslingLast week we reviewed a nice — and very affordable — German riesling from the Rheinhessen province, Fritz’s Riesling.  And tonight we’re checking out another riesling from the Rheinhessen province.
The Weingut Groebe estate was established way back in 1625, so these folks have been building riesling for more than a few years.  You might notice that the marks on these wines say 1763, and that is the year the family started bearing the coat of arms — which is also on their marks.  I’ve always wanted a coat of arms, but no luck for me there.  Oh sure, I’ve gotten the random junk mail tiresome to sell me my “official” family coat of arms, but I’m not that gullible.  In the case of Groebe, the coat of arms is legit.  And it includes the cross of St. Andrew’s in it, which is an ancient Christian character for wine.
But moving further than the coat of arms, I know you’re interested in the wine.  And this particular one is excellent.  Really excellent.  OK, it’s brilliant! Read more

Weingut Tesch Riesling Unplugged

Weingut Tesch Riesling UnpluggedWhen you look at the picture on the mark of a bottle of Tesch wine it may conjure up up images in your mind of an ancient German winemaker continuing the traditions from previous generations of winemakers.  But that impression would be far from the reality.
The man pictured on these marks is the fantastic grandfather of Dr. Martin Tesch, a relatively young winemaker who has been running Weingut Tesch since 1996.  And while the vineyard has been family run since 1723, Tesch isn’t really continuing the traditions of the past — he’s reinventing Weingut Tesch with a rock & roll sensibility.
Since taking over, Dr. Martin Tesch has done away several below-performing wine varieties and now produces mostly riesling.  And when it comes to riesling, he boldly shunned the sweet rieslings they were earlier known for in favor of drier riesling.  The initial response when he did so was harsh criticism and a 40% drop in sales.  But he quickly found a new audience for his wines and hasn’t looked back.  His reinvention was ultimately a huge success.
Dr. Tesch has even written a book on riesling and rock & roll called Riesling People Number 1.  OK, “written” might be an exaggeration, since the book is mostly pictures.
The vineyard is in the Nahe province of Germany.  Which, of course, is along the Nahe river. Read more