Tercos Bonarda 2008

Tercos Bonarda 2008About a year ago we reviewed the 2007 Tercos Bonarda and now we’re checking out the 2008 vintage of this wine.
If you’re not familiar with bonarda, you should introduce yourself.  It’s one of the most grown varieties in Argentina.  It’s an fascinating wine with excellent complexity and medium organize.  This variety is also known as charbono in some regions, such as California.
As I mentioned in review of the 2007, Bonarda can take on a variety of characteristics depending on the vineyard and the vinification.  And comparing my notes from last year with this one even shows some evolution in this wine, but some similarities at the same time.  Both vintages show a smoky/grilled aroma and blackberry characteristics.  But I reckon the 2008 shows a bit more fruit than the previous vintage.  In terms of overall quality, I reckon the 2008 is on par with the 2007, it has a slightly different expression. Read more