Jefford on Monday: L’Eglise Clinet tasting with Denis Durantou

Jefford on Monday: L’Eglise Clinet tasting with Denis DurantouAndrew Jefford heads to Bordeaux's right bank for a tasting of Chateau L'Eglise Clinet wines and a catch-up with owner and winemaker Denis Durantou. L'Eglise Clinet vines, June 2015I pushed the bell. Nothing happened. I waited. A small before long I tried again. Subdue nothing. I looked at the scruffy, sunlit garden. Then Denis Durantou – the man to lead our L’Eglise Clinet tasting – came skipping around the side of the house from everyplace at the back, smiling, impish as ever, full of speed and surprise, just as I remembered him.
I hadn’t seen him for some years. I was grey-haired; he was nearly colorless. We used to taste together with the Farr Vintners team and Bordeaux veteran Barry Phillips, touring the left bank at en primeur time during the before long 1990s.
I remembering him introducing himself to some of the grand left-bank proprietors; you could see by their blank looks that they had no thought who he was.
I recalled, too, the freshness and drama of young Eglise Clinets like 1998 and 2000, served in dripping glasses perched on barrels in the equipment-strewn small cellar. Those wines are now worth double the fee of many left-bank second growths from the same vintages. Maybe now the Médocains recognise his name.
I was back this June with some American and Asian students.
The Eglise Clinet wines
Denis quickly rounded us into his simple colorless tasting room, hung with his wife Marie Reignac’s paintings, for a look at 12 wines: Eglise Clinet in 2010 and 2012, plus the same vintages of his additional wines: Read more