Hopes are high for Prosecco harvest

Hopes are high for Prosecco harvestItalian producers are optimistic about this year's wine harvest, particularly in Prosecco and the north of Italy, thanks to a warm summer. Hopes are high for the Prosecco harvest thanks to a warm summer. This is salutation news after Italian winemakers faced a hard harvest in 2014, due to high rainfall throughout August last year.
Speaking at the Decanter Simply Italian trade and consumer tasting this week, Andrew Bettini, Export Manager for Piera Martellozzo said ‘We’ve had a excellent summer, unlike last year which was terrible.’ Read more

Cono Sur Visión Merlot – More Great Wine from Chile

Cono Sur Visión Merlot – More Great Wine from ChileI logged on tonight plotting to post a summary of all the Merlot reviews I’ve done recently, in order to show how they all stack up to each additional and help you pick the best bargains.  When I pulled up my tasting notes database I saw that I had neglected to post a review of one of the best Merlots I’ve had recently, the Cono Sur Visión from Chile.
I’ve had a few different wines from Cono Sur recently, including an organic Pinot Noir that I recently reviewed, and I have yet to be disappointed.  They seem to be consistently producing fantastic wines at reasonable prices. And there are plenty of wines to try from Cono Sur as their wine portfolio is massive!
Chilean wine keeps appearance up as a theme on this site as well.  A testament to the fantastic value wines appearance from that province as a whole.  Tomorrow nighttime I’ll be attending a “virtual wine tasting” with a number of Chilean wine producers and additional wine bloggers to sample and learn about some more Chilean wines.  I doubt I’ll have anything posted on the blog about it as quickly as tomorrow nighttime, but I’ll be feverishly taking notes for a review or two in the next few days. Read more

McWilliam’s Hanwood Estate Shiraz

McWilliam’s Hanwood Estate ShirazMcWilliam’s Wines has a long heritage as a family-run winery in Australia since 1877.  They tout themselves as “Australia’s most awarded winery,” and they certainly have earned a number of awards over the years.
McWilliam’s has vineyards in South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales—the latter being the area where the grapes for this Shiraz were harvested.  While there are a link different lines of wine available below the McWilliam’s name, the Hanwood Estate is their entry-level wine in terms of fee. Read more