Alente Wines from Portugal

Alente Wines from PortugalTonight we’re checking out two Portuguese wines from Alente, which is a producer in the Alentejo province of Portugal.
As I’ve commented in the past, I reckon some of the best values in wine are from Portugal.  Unfortunately, I’ve found that distribution of Portuguese wines is a bit spotty in the US.  In my province, I don’t find many of them and they are usually tucked into the Spanish section of wine shops.
These two wines were not tasted blind.  I feel like I’ve been saying that on a lot of reviews lately, but that’s mostly because I’m going through some odds and ends for which a blind tasting would be pointless.  I have no preconceived notions about these wines, additional than the fact that I reckon Portugal has some fantastic value wines to offer.  But at the same time, I’ve had plenty of Portuguese wines that have left me unimpressed.  So… let’s find out what these two are all about.
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