DWWA in partnership with Enomatic

DWWA in partnership with EnomaticThis year, Decanter is proud to be partnering with Enomatic, the global leader in wine serving equipment, to showcase a selection of Decanter World Wine Awards winners around the world. Enomatic was established in 2002 from a desire by founder Lorenzo Bencistà Falorni to be able to taste fantastic wines by the glass. This desire led to the creation Enomatic, the worldwide leader in wine serving equipment.
A series of promotions will take place on an international scale this November, from USA to Spain and Mexico to the UK. Don’t miss the opportunity to taste award-winning wines at a venue near you.
The venues include:
Adelaide: National Wine Centre of Australia
Calgary: Vin Room West and Mission
Montreal: Hyatt Regency Montréal
Toronto: Enostore
The Netherlands 
Dordrecht : Frans van den Hoogen WIjnkoopers
Florence: Enoteca Falorni
Merano: Enoteca Meraner Weinhaus
Mexico city : Wine Styles Zona Esmeralda
Lisbon: Somelier, Restaurante Tabik (Bessa Hotel) and Sana Myriad
Porto : The Yeatman and Bar Clerigo di Porto
Madrid: La Carta de Vinos
Málaga: Vinoteca los Patios de Beatas
Sevilla: Tierra Nuestra
Birmingham: Loki Wine Merchant and Tasting House
Petersborough: Amps Fine Wines
London: Majestic Wines Mayfair
Manchester: Salut Wines
Plymouth: Le Vignoble
Delray Beach: N2 Wine Bar
Dunwoody: Vino Venue
Fairfax: Whole Foods
Greensboro: Zeto Wine & Cheese
Key West: The Gardens Hotel
La Fayette: The Village Café
Maryland: Vini Culture
Miami Beach: The Forge
Mount Pleasant: Ardoa Wine Bar
Myrtle Beach: Boom Boom Wine Room
New Orleans: Wine Institute New Orleans
New York: Zachys Wine & Liquor
Snelville : Niko’s Wine Corner
St Petersburg: Try Wine
Winter Park: The Wine Room
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