Villa Sandi Il Fresco Prosecco

Villa Sandi Il Fresco ProseccoTonight we’re checking out an inexpensive, yet tasty, prosecco from Villa Sandi.  When I hear a name like Villa Sandi, I often assume that it’s just some name given to the wine that the producers thought would signal elegant.  But in this case, there is a real villa where the companionship is headquartered, and it dates back to 1622.  By looking at pictures of it, it’s quite impressive and looks like a fabulous place to visit.  An image of it also made its way onto the marks of their wines.
Like many wine producers, Villa Sandi produces a wide selection of different wines.  In the case of Villa Sandi, they produce both subdue and sparkling wines – including a number of different proseccos.  The Il Fresco is their entry-level prosecco. Read more