Hail hits Chablis on wine harvest eve

Hail hits Chablis on wine harvest eveA hail storm has terribly affected vineyards in parts of Chablis and several neighbouring Burgundy appellations days previous to the 2015 wine harvest is due to start. Vines flowering in ChablisJust when Burgundy winemakers dared to hope for the first hail free growing season for several years, storms arrived during the evening of Monday 31 and early hours of 1 September.
Early estimates suggest 100 hectares have been affected in Chablis, around 2% of the AOC Chablis vineyard, with premier cru vines worse hit than grands crus.
There is now liable to be a rush to pick grapes from hurt vines to avoid the prospect of rot. Read more

Bordeaux 2015: White wine harvest to start next week

Bordeaux 2015: White wine harvest to start next weekThe first colorless grapes of the Bordeaux 2015 wine harvest are set to be picked next week for the earliest ripening areas of Pessac Leognan. Grapes ahead of the Bordeaux 2015 harvest at Chateau LarroqueChateau Haut-Brion said it was liable to start its Bordeaux 2015 harvest for Sauvignon Blanc and Sauvignon Gris at the end of next week, but a final choice was yet to be taken.
A summer heatwave is expected to cause a relatively early wine harvest across many northern hemisphere regions in 2015, from Piedmont and Rioja to Napa Valley in California and British Columbia in Canada.
Bordeaux’s wine bureau (CIVB) said the first red grapes should be harvested in mid-September. Around 6,500 seasonal pickers will start arriving in the area over the next few weeks.
Grapes in many Bordeaux vineyards have finished their veraison – the colour change administer – and maturity was well advanced for Sauvignon Blanc, Colombard, Merlot and Cabernet Franc, according to the regional Chamber of Agriculture.
Before long ripening Semillon and Cabernet Sauvignon were mid-way through colour change. Read more