Concannon Central Coast Pinot Noir

Concannon Central Coast Pinot NoirWhen I review European wines, I often find myself telling a tale of several generations within a family carrying on a tradition of winemaking.  But it’s not often that I have the same tale to tell about an American wine producer.  Concannon Vineyard, but, is one American producer with a long description.  The vineyard was first planted and the winery built way back in 1883 and the family is now into their fourth generation of winemaking.
It’s also one of those brands that I reckon of as being everyplace between the ultra-cheap and premium.  But it’s not much more expensive than the ultra-cheap, with a suggested retail fee of $10.  And while it’s not exactly sex in a glass, for the fee it’s not a terrible wine. Read more

Wine and Chocolate Pairing

Two of life’s greatest sweet pleasures can be the hardest to pair together. Wine and chocolate are both decadent and pleasurable and a delight to have together, when done correctly. Sweet chocolate with tannic wine can make the wine taste bitter and is a match to avoid. You need to balance sweet with sweet – a good rule of thumb is: keep the wine as sweet as the chocolate. Read more