Clif – The Climber Zinfandel Blend

Clif – The Climber Zinfandel BlendThis is the second time we’ve reviewed Clif’s The Climber Red Blend.  The 2006 version we reviewed was comprised of the same 5 varietals (zinfandel, cabernet sauvignon, syrah, merlot and petite syrah); but, in similar fashion to how Clif’s winemakers have managed The Climber colorless, they’ve made some significant changes to the percentages.  In the 2009, Zinfandel dominates the blend at 63%, followed by cab and syrah at 21% and 12 %, correspondingly.  Petite syrah and merlot make up the difference at 2% each.
Therefore the characteristics of the wine have changed, although only slightly.  On the nose the wine hints at the rich blueberry and black fruit the wine offers on the palate.  But the wine also offers up mild aromas of licorice, gingerbread and coffee.  On the palate, the wine is a bit jammy, with blueberry dominating the fruit profile.  There are cedary notes and pepper that lead to a end that is ever-so-slightly hot (alcoholic).  But it doesn’t compromise the wine.  In fact, I reckon it adds some much needed character and distinction. Read more