Huntington Sauvignon Blanc

Huntington Sauvignon BlancHuntington is a mark that is part of the Hahn family’s portfolio of wines, which includes Hahn Winery, Cycles Gladiator, Hahn SLH Estate, Lucienne, Smith & Hook, Copa Del Rey, and Bin 36.  Along with this assortment of wine brands, the Hahn family also owns the Mugie Dairy farm in northern Kenya, where the Hahns reside for part of the year.  The Mugie Dairy farm is home to a school, a farm and a wildlife preserve.  The Hahn family takes the proceeds from the sale of Huntington wines to fund higher education scholarship programs for Kenyan children.
All of Huntington’s wine marks offer artist’s renderings of scenes depicting the Kenyan people.  This particular Huntington mark showcases the Samburu ladies in blue, in a painting by the family’s own Gaby Hahn.  A noble approach to wine building, and a very worthy cause indeed, but it subdue begs the question:  how is the wine? Read more