Graf von Schönborn Silvaner

Graf von Schönborn SilvanerPerhaps it’s just my yearning to be unique, but I really delight in checking out wines that are atypical.  Let’s face it, it’s fun.  And it’s a fantastic way to learn about different wines, as well as different regions.  After all, what’s atypical in a Cincinnati supermarket may be an everyday occurrence elsewhere, like Germany.
And that, I suspect, is the case with Silvaner.  It’s a wine that most of my friends have never heard of, but it’s pretty common in Germany.  This one from Graf von Schönborn comes from Franken area of Germany, which is really known for it’s Silvaner as it’s considered the most noble grape of the province.  It’s a productive grape in this province too.  Although it’s sensitive to frost, it is an early ripening variety and a excellent match for the climate in Franken.
The wines made from Silvaner are mostly known for their naturally high acidity.  And if you’ve been conception this site for long, you probably know that we like a wine with excellent, crisp acidity. Read more

Viña Don Royo Vino Tinto

Viña Don Royo Vino TintoYou know what they say about first impressions.  That’s right, they’re very hard to change.  And the Viña Don Royo red makes a really nice first impression, which I reckon benefited the wine as I reviewed it.  Pop the cork on this vino tinto and it offers up a rich and robust nose, with ripe raspberry, hints of fig and marmalade, with singed toast.  I was keen to see what the wine would offer up on the palate.   If it delivered half as much complexity and intensity at it teased up in aroma and bouquet, then surely we would have a winner on our hands. Read more