Getting Down with Gruner Veltliner

Getting Down with Gruner VeltlinerI’ve been meaning to write up this review for several weeks as I in fact tasted these wines two months ago, but additional things kept appearance up.  Shame on me.  But getting this posted late is better than not at all.
These are all grüner veltliner from Austria, a wine I bought an appreciation for when I visited Austria in 2010.  For those who haven’t had grüner (as it’s called for small), it’s food-friendly colorless wine known for it’s high acidity and mineral characteristics.  The aroma of pepper is also a common “tell” for a grüner.
It’s in fact a really excellent salad wine.  Grüner has a reputation for going well with vegetables, including the ever-problematic-pairing-vegetable asparagus.  I like asparagus, so it’s excellent to know that I can always trust a grüner to go well with it.  I’m also an advocate of multiple wine pairings with a meal.  For example, have a grüner veltliner with your salad and a red Cotes du Rhone with your entree.  I know it can get expensive to open a link bottles, but give it a try for a special occasion when you have friends over.
All of these wines are at the high end of our predictable $20 fee limit — and a link are over that limit.  But they’re all excellent.  There’s not one in this batch that I’d turn down. Read more