Calcu Rosé

Calcu RoséWe’ve been reviewing a lot of sparkling rosé wines lately, but rosé can also be a fantastic wine in subdue form.  This one from Calcu comes from the Colchagua Valley in Chile, one of my favorite wine regions when it comes to finding fantastic values.
If you closed your eyes and smelled this wine you might guess it to be a sauvignon blanc, due to the intense tropical fruit aromas.  But this wine is 55% malbec, 35% syrah, and 10% petit verdot — varietals much more associated with deep, dark, rich wines than a dry, acidic and tropical rosé. Read more

El Coto Rosé

El Coto RoséMore rosé.  Yay!
This one comes from Rioja, Spain, which is probably the most well-known Spanish wine province in the US.  It’s a province that lies at the confluence of the Pacific, Mediterranean and continental climate influences in Spain.
The wine from El Coto is made from 50% Garnacha from an estate named “Los Almendros” Ausejo (Rioja Baja) and 50% Tempranillo from Rioja Alavesa.  The “Los Almendros” estate is land that was earlier used for almond groves, hence the name. Read more

Familia Sanchez Tempranillo Blend

Familia Sanchez Tempranillo BlendI stopped by Wild Oats after dinner last nighttime to pick up some dessert to go.  I found some awesome looking chocolate chunk brownies and on the way home was thought “I need to open a nice bottle of red to delight in with these.”  So I got home and reviewed the selections on hand and pulled Familia Sanchez 2005 Tempranillo and Syrah from the rack.
After all this anticipation, I was utterly disappointed.  The brownies where excellent, but the wine… not so much.  I would call this another Trader Joe’s dud.  (I’ll save my “rant on Trader Joe’s” for another time.)
The nose on this wine is much more fascinating and enjoyable than the palate.  It has a complex floral, fruity, alcohol-y nose.  In fact, the aromas were just teasing and building me excited about tasting this wine.
And then, thud… the taste is small on fruit and off-balance with heavy tannins. The end is very long, but that length featured bitter tannins and weak, uninteresting fruit.
Just for the confirmation, I did taste this wine previous to diving into the tasty brownies.  So my palate was not skewed by the delectable chocolate-y sweetness.  The brownies were moist, and full of huge chunks of chocolate.  They get a huge thumbs up and I have to give a shout out to Dancing Deer Baking Companionship for making them.  Yummy!
Wine: Famila Sanchez
Varietal: Tempranillo & Syrah Blend
Alcohol: 13.5%
Rating: 76

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