Doña Paula Estate Malbec

Doña Paula Estate MalbecIf you haven’t sampled an Argentine malbec recently, you’re really missing out on a unique wine experience.  It shouldn’t be any surprise that a country that produces so much juice – Argentina currently ranks 5th in global wine production – should be able to produce high quality wines across each fee range.  But the quality of Argentina wines has only been a recent phenomenon, due in large part to their augmented accent on exports.  They now rank right in the rear Chile amongst South American wine exports, and this has had a significant impact on the quality of their wines.
When you reckon of wine from Argentina, you reckon first of malbec.  Malbec is the most prominent vine in cultivation, and some of the best comes from the Mendoza province.  To give you a sense of how vital and prominent the Mendoza province is, consider that Mendoza has more acreage below planting then some additional prominent wine producing nations like New Zealand and Australia.   But quantity doesn’t guarantee quality. Read more