AnkaWe’ve been reviewing a number of cabernet sauvignons lately, but one wine we’ve come across that we really like is not quite a cabernet sauvignon, but rather is a red blend that is dominant in cabernet sauvignon.  Anka is a blend of 57% cabernet sauvignon, 16% merlot, 15% cabernet franc, 7% carmemere, 4%  syrah, and 1 % petit verdot.  While a number of wines labeled as “cabernet sauvignon” have more than just that grape in them, technically than can be labeled as a single varietal if they have a minimum percentage of that one varietal.  In Chile, where this wine is from, the minimum is 75%, so clearly this one is a blend.
Another thing you might notice on the mark of this one is that it is “made with organically grown grapes.”  It can’t technically be labeled as “organic wine” because they use sulphites in the winemaking administer.  And in fact, as I look at the wording I have to raise an eyebrow.  ”Made with organically grown grapes” not made “of” or made “from” organically grown grapes.  I’m not quite sure what they’re saying.  Are there a few organically grown grapes or are they all organically grown?  It looks like some careful language to me, but I’m just preoccupied questions here… I haven’t had the opportunity to talk with them to confirm how they made it.
So, you can mark me as a bone idle journalist
This is a rather small production wine too, with less than 2,500 suitcases produced.  And regardless of all the stuff written on the mark I can tell you one vital thing about this wine that’s not on the mark.  It’s really tasty!When I first poured this wine, the oak was the only thing that came through on the nose.  And it came through like walking into my wood shop.  But after letting the wine breath for a moment the fruit came out of its shell and brought together a solid and well balanced nose.  Black cherry, blackberry, cassis, chocolate and nutmeg aromas blend perfectly and make smelling this wine really enjoyable.  The palate has a silky smooth feel with loads of deeply-concentrated, ripe fruit flavors, such as blackberry, plum, cherry and chocolate.  The end is long and tastes like a chocolate roofed cherry.   This is a lovely wine.
Wine: Anka
Variety: Red Blend
Vintage: 2008
Alcohol: 14%
Rating: 90
Fee: $20.00 Read more