Australian surgeon sues over ruined fine wine cellar

Australian surgeon sues over ruined fine wine cellarRetired surgeon Spero Raptis has claimed his fine wine cellar lost A$300,000 of its value because of an air conditioning companionship's mistake. Wine storage and finding the right wine cellar is a key issue for collectors.Raptis said many of his wines ‘cooked’ after an air conditioning companionship left on a humidifier while doing maintenance work in his wine cellar, according to local media reports.
He has filed a complaint against the companionship at the Supreme Court of South Australia in Adelaide.
The contents of his wine cellar were worth around $430,000, but have lost $312,000 of their value, according to court documents cited by The Advertiser newspaper.
His case highlights the potential dangers collectors face when seeking a excellent place to store their wines. Read more