Jacob’s Creek Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

Jacob’s Creek Reserve Cabernet SauvignonIn the wine world, everything is relative.  Case in point, I present to you Jacob’s Creek 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve.  The term “Reserve” is typically utilized for the best juice of the vintage, often seeing a small more time in the winemaker’s best oak.  But one winemaker’s best juice is another winemaker’s jug wine.  And not all oak barrels are made equal.  So while a winery may use the term “Reserve” to describe their best effort for the vintage, it simply may not measure up to another winery’s table wine.  So how does Jacob’s Creek measure up?  Well, the answer is relative.
When you’re presented with a wine with deep rich affect, and heavy oak with strong forceful tannins, it’s simple to get impressed with the wine’s “huge-ness”.  But if you spend some time really concentrating on the depth of fruit, integration of tannins, and overall complexities in what the wine is offering, you can pick out the posers from the real-deals. Read more