Sardinia: where to stay, eat and shop

Sardinia: where to stay, eat and shopCarla Capalbo picks out the must visit hotels, restaurants and shops for the ideal Sardinia wine holiday. Hotel Nibaru, SardiniaSardinia: where to stay, eat and shop
Locanda Conte Mameli, Olbia
In the town centre, this is a small hotel in a historic palazzo with some character.
Li Finistreddi, Arzachena
Near Arzachena, at Micalosu, this country resort near the vineyards offers all the comforts of a summer retreat.
Hotel Nibaru, Cala di Volpe
Stay here to delight in the Costa Smeralda on a budget: fantastic location, a lovely pool and walking access to several beaches.
Agriturismo Agrisole, Casagliana
If you prefer to stay outside the towns, this agriturismo is middle between Olbia and Arzachena, and offers a more rustic atmosphere, with local dishes available for dinner.
Caffè Cosimino, Olbia
In Olbia’s town centre of Piazza Margherita, this wine bar features a huge selection of wines and excellent food. Always open. Tel: +39 0789 21001
Ristorante Barbagia, Olbia
Try some of the hinterland dishes of pork, wild boar and cheeses in the spacious Ristorante Barbagia.
Ristorante Nino, Pittulongu
A few kilometres outside Olbia, in Hotel Stefania, this restaurant offers local Sardinian dishes, along with lovely rooms and views of (and access to) the sandy Pittulongu beaches.
Ristorante Il Tirabusciò, Calangianus
Inland at Calangianus, in the hills where the cork trees grow, this affordable venue prepares homemade traditional food, with pastas (boiled and fried) and locally reared meats and vegetables. Tel: +39 0796 61849
Gelateria da Pasqualina, Porto Cervo
In the Promenade du Port at Porto Cervo, this ice creamery makes its own fabulous ices and pastries from Mediterranean fruits and nuts.
Stelle D Stelle, Porto Cervo
Stelle D Stelle hosts Michelin-starred chefs in summer.
In summer, this restaurant hosts Italian Michelin- starred chefs who prepare their own gourmet food.
Soha Sardinia, Porto Cervo
As well as offering handmade jewellery and additional accessories, this boutique makes fine, polyphenol-rich skin creams using an wring of red Cannonau grapes.
In Vino Veritas, Olbia
On the Corso Umberto in the centre of Olbia, you will find a large selection of Sardinian wines to taste and buy, and they also supply set alight lunches.
Thursday market, San Pantaleo
In the small, traditional village of San Pantaleo, there is a fun market each week where you can find local produce, crafts, artworks and more.
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