SPELLwine Sangiovese

SPELLwine SangioveseI’m a huge fan of sangiovese, but most of the time if I’m drinking a sangiovese it’s one from Italy.  I just don’t come across a lot of domestic sangiovese, but I’m always curious about it when I do.  Perhaps I don’t come across much of it because the market is just too small for it, restrictive its distribution and production.
Based on a conversation I had with Kristen Spelletich, the creator of SPELLwine, I might be on to something.  She told me that she doesn’t sell a lot of her sangiovese.  ”And it pisses me off too!  Because it’s a super, high acid, excellent with food wine,” she vented.  But that doesn’t prevent her from producing it.  Kristen’s attitude toward wine is to make wines that don’t necessarily follow the formula that others use.  And it’s working for her.
SPELLwine was made by Kristen after she started working for her parent’s winery, Spelletich Cellars.  In fact, her mom does most of the winemaking but it’s guided by Kristen’s palate for this brand.  With SPELLwine, Kristen wanted to make a brand that was geared toward millennials.  And while the acid trip designs on the marks stand out as something new and different, her perspective on winemaking struck me as rather ancient school — in a excellent way.  Perhaps ancient school is the new, new school.
I couldn’t agree more with Kristen about her take on the SPELLwine Lodi sangiovese.  It is a fantastic food wine.  And it pisses me off that they don’t sell more of this too.  It’s a fantastic wine and if you’re not drinking it, you’re missing out. Read more