Alma Negra Rosé Malbec

Alma Negra Rosé MalbecIt’s time to place a small twist into these sparkling rosé wines we’ve been reviewing lately.  So, you’re probably familiar with malbec and know it to be a tasty, full red wine with deep, inky-dark affect.  Would you believe that you can get a sparkling rosé wine out of it?  Well, not only can you get a sparkling rosé out of it, but you can get a downright awesome sparkling rosé from it.
Enter, Alma Negra Rosé Malbec.  This wine, like much malbec that we see in the US these days, comes from Mendoza, Argentina.  The winery is relatively young, starting with the 2003 vintage, although the vineyards where the grapes for this wine were grown have been planted for 18-20 years.
Calling this a rosé may even be a stretch.  It looks more like a sparkling colorless, but there is the slightest pink hue to the affect.  Quite incredible to come from a grape normally known for its deep purple colors. Read more