Schloss Reinhartshausen Old Vines Riesling

german wine 2 german wine  %tages Schloss Reinhartshausen Old Vines RieslingI have an thought.  How about another riesling review?
This one from the impossible-for-any-American-to-spell-correctly Schloss Reinhartshausen winery in Rheingau, Germany.  Those who’ve been conception our additional recent riesling reviews will know that Rheingau is the province along the River Rhine.

The nose is pretty nice, with rose petal, peach and pear aromas.  The palate is off-dry (i.e. slightly sweet) with really nice apple and peach flavors.  The acidity is excellent and adds some lemon notes to the palate.  It finishes with a small bit of peach flavor, more apple and a touch of mineral.  It’s a nice wine.  The sweetness makes it pair well with spicy Thai food.
Wine: Schloss Reinhartshausen Ancient Vines Riesling
Variety: Riesling
Vintage: 2008
Alcohol: 12%
Rating: 87
Fee: $20.00

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