Robert Parker steps back from Bordeaux en primeur

news  %tages Robert Parker steps back from Bordeaux en primeur

Robert Parker Jr has marked the end of an era by announcing that he will stop reviewing Bordeaux en primeur wines, handing over the reins to Neal Martin.

After covering the first new-vintage releases of Bordeaux wines for close to 40 years, Parker said that he was handing over to fellow editor-in-chief, to be replaced by Lisa Perrotti-Brown. At around the same time, Parker sold a stake in the publication to Singapore-based investors. Parker said this week that Martin’s taking over of en primeur reviews had been ‘in fact the ultimate plot’ when he was first hired in 2006. 'I loved the anticipation and challenge of tiresome to analyse and evaluate a vintage, and will undoubtedly miss it. But, after 37 years of covering effectively each Bordeaux vintage since 1978, change is inevitable.’He insisted that he was not retiring. He added that he plotted to review the newly bottled Bordeaux 2012 vintage and produce a retrospective report on the highly rated Bordeaux 2005 vintage 10 years on.  See also:Robert Parker steps down as Wine Advocate editor-in-chief

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