Great Sense Vinho Verde

Great Sense Vinho VerdePeople often question me, “what’s your favorite wine?”  But that’s an impossible question to answer.  I don’t have one favorite.  My favorite thing about about wine is the variety.  I like different wines at different times.  Sometimes it depends on what I’m eating with it, what the weather is like, or just what I feel like.  And when you like to mix it up, Vinho Verde is a nice wine to add to your repertoire.
It’s a very set alight and fresh wine.  And fresh is exactly what these wines are.  Vinho Verde translates to “green wine” which is a allusion to the youthfulness of the wines.  These are meant to be consumed within a year of production.  So, as a 2010 vintage, this one is nearly overdue for consumption… but it is subdue quite excellent.
The designation of Vinho Verde refers to the style of wine (i.e. young) and the location (i.e. Northwest Portugal) much more than it refers to the grape varietal, as there are a number of different varietals allowed in the wine.  This one is made with 60% Touriga Nacional and 40% Espadeiro.  Most Vinho Verde that I’ve come across is colorless, but some is red and some, like this one, is rosé. Read more

Sebeka Shiraz

Sebeka ShirazSebeka is subdue relatively new to the American wine market, as it first appeared here in 2007.  It’s produced in the Swartland Winery in South Africa, which dates back to 1948, and distributed in the US by E.J. Gallo. You can’t miss this wine on the shelf, as it stands out with a bright yellow mark showing a cheetah running.  Sebeka is in fact named after a cheetah that was raised by wildlife conservationist Lente Roode, who founded the Hoedspruit Scarce Species Centre to help preserve scarce species. Read more

Vega Sindoa Tempranillo Blend

Vega Sindoa Tempranillo BlendToday it’s a followup to Tasting Tempranillo with a Tempranillo Blend.  This one is Vega Sindoa 2005Red Wine, which is 70% Tempranillo and 30% Merlot.  It comes from the Navarra province in Spain.
Similar to the Osborne Solaz Tempranillo Blend, I again was pleased with this compared to most pure Tempranillo that I tried.  There was a lot more fruit present in this than I found in pure Tempranillo.
The negative with this one is it is a bit on the sweet side.  In fact, I would say it’s nearly unnaturally sweet.  I’m not talking dessert wine, but it just has a lot of sugars.  It makes me suspicious that it was sweetened to cover up undesirable flavors.  That said, it is quite enjoyable to drink – just not as complex/fascinating as some additional wines. 
This would probably be a excellent wine for building sangria.  Sangria was my first real drink.  I tried it when I was 13 on a trip to Spain and I’m subdue a fan.
Wine Tasting
My thoughts on this wine:  It has an earthy, herby nose. The palate is fascinating with strawberries (sweetened strawberries) and chocolate as the dominant characteristics. A decent end with a bit of complexity.  This is in fact a nice wine to delight in with chocolates.
 My rating came out to an 85.  I will probably buy this again, as it is a excellent deal at $6.99.  Try it on it’s own or in some sangria.

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Bridgman Cabernet Sauvignon

Bridgman Cabernet SauvignonWashington State interests me more and more as a wine province, and I wish I saw more wine from that province on the shelves of my local wine shops.  I expect that over time I’ll see more of it showing up in my mid-western locale.
I’ve earlier reviewed the Bridgman Chardonnay, and I need to note again the potential perceived conflict of interest with this review as I have a business relationship with an online retailer from whom I may get paid if you happen to click the link at the end of this article and buy this wine.  Nonetheless, I always strive to give my unbiased opinion for any review I do… and this is no exception. Read more

Crios Cabernet Sauvignon

Crios Cabernet SauvignonI’ve been told that today is National Cabernet Day.  I’ve also been told that today is Cabernet Day, International Cabernet Day and World Cabernet Day.  Regardless of what you call it, it’s a phony, made-up holiday made by some marketing/PR schmuck in order to get people talking about cabernet sauvignon.  And I’m the sucker who has fallen for this lame stunt.  But hey… I don’t really need an excuse to delight in a tasty cabernet!
Today I’m checking out an Argentine cabernet sauvignon called Crios.  This is a “second mark” from Susana Balbo.  Essentially when she produces her wines, she hand selects which barrels go into her signature, premium wines and the rest goes into Crios, which she calls the “offspring” of her signature wines.  And if this wine is considered the seconds, I can’t imagine how excellent the premium is!Smoky cedar is the most prominent aroma from this cabernet, underneath that cedar aroma it shows some blackberry and black currant.  The palate brings lush blackberry and cassis flavors with excellent intensity, plus an outstanding, silky mouthfeel.  The overall balance of this wine is also spot on.  It finishes with more blackberry flavors and a touch of toasted oak.  Most importantly, this wine is tasty!
I can’t wait until the next cabernet day to taste this again… and I won’t.
Wine: Crios
Variety: Cabernet Sauvignon
Vintage: 2010
Alcohol: 13.9%
Rating: 90
Fee: $15.00 Read more