New London wine club plans to list top chateaux at ‘low mark-ups’

news  %tages New London wine club plans to list top chateaux at low mark ups

A new private members club for wine lovers is about to open in London’s historic ‘clubland’ district of St James, following years of plotting and offering 1,200 wines by the glass and bottle.

The 67 Pall Mall club is the brainchild of ring fence fund manager and collector Grant Ashton, together with 39 wine loving backers. ‘We wanted an exciting social venue where like-minded oenophiles can drink and delight in fantastic wine at very attractive prices,’ Ashton told One example is the 1989 Haut-Brion, which will be on 67 Pall Mall’s list at around £1,200. That is cheaper than some merchants’ retail prices.‘The list starts from £40 a bottle and will represent brilliant quality and value for money throughout,’ said Master Sommelier Ronan Sayburn, who is 67 Pall Mall’s head of wines. ‘For instance, a £40 bottle would have a retail value of £25. Rather than applying the industry standard, we are adding a low cash mark-up to each wine. Corkage will be just £20 a bottle.’ 67 Pall Mall will also place on a full programme of wine events for its members including wine education, dinners, masterclasses and tastings. Members will be able to store up to 36 bottles from their own collections at the club, which has storage for 2,600 suitcases.Situated by St James Palace, 67 Pall Mall is a grade 2 listed building that was designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens and used to be the West End branch of Hambro’s Bank. It has been widely renovated over the last twelve months in time for its forthcoming launch.According to Ashton, nearly 1,000 members have joined, including a number of well-known fine wine producers, merchants and writers. Approximately, 200 places subdue wait available previous to the list will be closed. Fees include a one off joining fee of £1,000 and an annual membership rate of £1,000. But, for those below 27, the annual fee will be £500 per annum. Expected to open in June, the club will be run by a membership committee that has a number of grandees from the wine trade, including Hugh Johnson. See also:London's top 10 wine barsHave your say: Are restaurant mark-ups too steep?

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