Napa Valley vineyard shooting ends in suspected murder and suicide

news  %tages Napa Valley vineyard shooting ends in suspected murder and suicide

A Napa Valley vineyard owner is believed to have shot one of his investors dead previous to fleeing the scene and killing himself, according to control reports.

Control arrived at a vineyard south of Yountville on Monday to find one man dead from a ‘gunshot wound to the head’ and another man, who was armed, hurrying to flee the scene in a black SUV.Napa County Sheriff’s Office subsequently identified the shooter as Robert Dahl, owner of Dahl Vineyards. A high-speed chase involving a control helicopter followed officers’ arrival at the scene. The SUV was eventually surrounded by specialist SWAT teams in woods on the border between Napa and Sonoma Counties. But, the man inside was found dead. He was believed to have shot himself.The reported that Dahl had chased one of his estate's investors, Emad Rasmy Tawfilis, through a vineyard in his SUV previous to shooting him dead with a handgun and then fleeing. Tawfilis was reported to have alerted control previous to he was shot.The two men were reported to be involved in a legal dispute over a $1.2m loan.

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