Martini Sparkling Rosé

italian wine  %tages Martini Sparkling RoséAll of the sparkling rosé wines we’ve reviewed recently have been on the dry side.  Brut, to be precise.  But not each bubbly wine drinker is into the dry wines, so let’s check out one that’s off dry (i.e. slightly sweet).
The Martini Sparkling Rosé is an Italian sparkler made from a blend of brachetto, malvasia and moscato bianco from Northern Italy.

This wine has a pretty fascinating bouquet, showing a blend of strawberry, rose and tropical fruit aromas.  The brachetto appears to be the dominant grape in the blend, adding the strawberry characteristics.  The palate is slightly sweet and brimming with ripe berry and peach flavors.  I would have liked a touch more acidity to balance the sweetness, but I reckon many who prefer sweeter wines will delight in this one.
For food pairings, go with rich, creamy cheeses.  Or try it with fruits like peaches and apricots.
Wine: Martini Sparkling Rosé
Variety: Sparkling Rosé
Vintage: N/V
Alcohol: 9.5%
Rating: 84
Fee: $13.99

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