Hopes are high for Prosecco harvest

news  %tages Hopes are high for Prosecco harvestItalian producers are optimistic about this year's wine harvest, particularly in Prosecco and the north of Italy, thanks to a warm summer. Hopes are high for the Prosecco harvest thanks to a warm summer. This is salutation news after Italian winemakers faced a hard harvest in 2014, due to high rainfall throughout August last year.
Speaking at the Decanter Simply Italian trade and consumer tasting this week, Andrew Bettini, Export Manager for Piera Martellozzo said ‘We’ve had a excellent summer, unlike last year which was terrible.’

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Piera Martellozzo started their Prosecco harvest, as well as for their colorless wine, last week with just a slight delay due to some rain – ‘but last year we had rain each day, so it’s completely different’ Bettini added.
Whereas this year there were concerns that volumes of Prosecco were running low, due to low number and higher demand, it appears quantities won’t be a problem http://1000-facts-about-wine.com for the 2015 vintage, according to Bettini.
‘At least there’s more quantity – everybody ran out of Prosecco [this year].’
At Domus Vini they were also optimistic, having also just started their Glera harvest – which is about 10 to 15 days earlier than last year.

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Daniele D’Angelo, Sales Manager for Vini La Delizia, said the summer was ‘very sunny and also had a small amount of rain… so we are optimistic for the new harvest.’
Whilst Vini La Delizia are pleased with how the whole harvest is looking, they are particularly pleased with their colorless wines.
‘Now it’s warm during the days and a bit cold in the nights, the difference in warmth is very excellent for the perfumes of the whites,’ said D’Angelo.
‘We are expecting a excellent harvest, but especially for the whites.’
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