Hans Lang Wisselbrunnen Erstes Gewächs Riesling

german wine 2  %tages Hans Lang Wisselbrunnen Erstes Gewächs RieslingEach now and then we receive samples of wine that sell for more than our predictable $20 maximum limit and while we like to stay right to our mission (i.e. cheap wine ratings) we’re not foolish.  We’re subdue going to taste those wines.  After all, if we never taste a $50 wine how can we legitimately ever say that a $10 bottle tastes like a $50 bottle?  Not that I’ve ever used that analogy.  Regardless, if we tasted it, we might as well review it.  I know a few of you spring for the more expensive bottles now and then anyway.  So here goes…
Hans Lang is a relatively small producer, with just 18 hectares of vineyards in the Hattenheim and Assmannshausen regions of the Rheingau (Rhine river province).  The grapes for this particular wine come from Hattenheim.
This wine is labeled as a Erstes Gewächs, which is the German equivalent of a Grand Cru.  As such, the appellation where this wine was produced http://1000-facts-about-wine.com has been recognized for producing top quality wines and the production methods adhere to strict guidelines for the classification.
So, how does this premium riesling deliver?

The nose is soft, but I wouldn’t call it forceful.  It’s nicely balanced, elegant and shows tasty aromas like orange peel, pear, mineral and a slight touch of floral.  The palate is dry and tasty, offering green apple, pear and lime flavors.  The orange peel aromatics reemerge on the end and give a set alight, orange aftertaste which is very enjoyable.  The acidity is excellent.  All told, this is a lovely, dry riesling.
Is it worth $50?  It’s hard for me to ever pay $50 for a bottle that I’ll consume in small order.  But if you occasionally splurge on a bottle, you won’t be disappointed with this wine.
Wine: Hans Lang Wisselbrunnen Erstes Gewächs Riesling
Variety: Riesling
Vintage: 2009
Alcohol: 13%
Rating: 90
Fee: $50.00

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